Mundy - July chords version 1

Capo 5th. finger picked. drop D on high E!! 

G July please,
G(FassI'm on my knees,
G Em7 DThe smel l of your fresh cut gr ass,
GYour blue sky grins
G)FassFor a ll its sins
G Em7 DLoo k another gorgeous levi ass
G G FassJu ly people come an d go
G Em7 DIt l ooks like another p erfect day
GJ ust to see your
G(FassS triptease show
G Em7 DJ uly please try yo ur best to stay
Em7 Fass DAnd a mong rel begins to bark
Em7 Fass DAt a wino in the park
Em7 Fass Dand his owne r doe sn't car e
Em7 Fass G‘cause he really isn't th ere…………….
G G(Fass G Oh! ma ma ma,oh! ma ma ma,oh! ma ma ma
Em7 D My ju ly(x2)
G G(Fass July,fizz bombs in my mou th,
G Em7 D Babarama e verywhere,
G G(Fass I can't lie on my pocket tr out
G Em7 D So I sit bac k in the easy chair
Em7 Fass DAnd a woman of middle age
Em7 Fass D(7Licks and thu mbs annother page
Em7 Fass DThen she brushe s off the dir t
Em7 Fass GFro m her greyh ound skirt(a nd all the boys go)
CHORUS BRIDGE Am7 Gbass Am7 Bbass G (x2)
Em7 Fass DAnd a baby sucks it s thumb
Em7 Fass DTo the soun d of a steel drum
Em7 Fass DAnd fountai n wate r gush
Em7 Fass DThrough the thick bul l rus h(ever ybody)
CHORUS(x2) Enjoy!
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