Music Explosion – Little Bit O Soul tab

Intro [bass doubled with guitar; 2X]

[G] [C] [D] [G] v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------------| -----------------|----------------------| -----------------|----------------------| -----------------|----------------------| -----2-3---------|-5-5------------------| -3-3-------------|-----2-3--------------|
Verse 1 [first two lines over intro riff, doubled with organ]: G C D G G C D G Now when you're feelin' low and the fish won't bite You need a little bit o' soul to put you right You gotta make like you wanna kneel and pray And then a little bit of soul will come your way [repeat intro] Verse 2: Now when your girl is gone and you're broke in two You need a little bit o' soul to see you through And when you raise the roof with your rock'n'roll You'll get a lot more kicks with a little bit o' soul Bridge: D G A D D G A D And when your party falls 'cause ain't nobody groovin' D G A D D/A A little bit of soul and it really starts movin', yeah [repeat intro] Verse 3: And when you're in a mess and you feel like cryin' Just remember this little song of mine And as you go through life tryin' to reach your goal Just remember what I said about a little bit o'soul Coda [repeat over intro riff to fade] G C D G A little bit o' soul, yeah (a little bit o' soul) -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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