Musiq Soulchild – Someone chords

Musiq Soulchild's "SOMEONE"
Tabbed by Campahaos

When I first heard this song I wanted to learn it really bad but there was no chords posted here.
SOOOOO .... here it is. 


Db - Fm - Bbm - Db/Ab - Gb - Ab


Db I never wanted a woman that wanted,
Fm Me for my name or material things see
Db I always hoped for a woman that's so sure,
Fm Emotionally secure with spiritual faith (ahh)
Gb A woman that I can trust with all of my secrets
Fm And even listen to all of my issues
Gb A woman who never judge me or how I was,
Ab She deals with me strictly through love
DbSomeone who will put up with the things
Bbm FmLoving me can bring but still be there to see us through
Db BbmSomeone who would put up with the strange and complicated things
FmCause I would do the same for her too
GbSomeone who I can be real with, aint gotta be perfect
GbmCause loving one another is all that matters
DbIt's not hard to explain
Bbm Ebm Db Bbm Ab DbSo believe me when I say, that I found all of that in you
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