Marc Bolan – Jasper C Debussey chords


[Verse 1]
DJasper was fine but he had glass eyes
He crucified me with his pixie coloured lies
BmHis hair was black, he had a bend in his back
DHe tied my cousin Eddy to the railroad tracks
A GThe train it come, he started to run
DFor Jasper C. Debussy that's his kind of fun
[Interlude] A7 [Verse 2]
DJasper was born with a moth in his mind
The moth was too soft on the curtain behind
BmHe slaughtered the face of a friend of my girl's
DHe cut out her eyes and he wore them with furs
A GI got the half price blues, wear my shoes
DHold your mouth love while I'm crying the news
'Cos Jasper C. Debussy, that's his kind of blues [Interlude] A7 D Bm D A G D A7 [Verse 3]
DJasper he dressed in the darkest of clothes
He wears scarlet pantaloons and five foot one inch hose
BmHis face is like a rock and his eyes like the night
DHe's like a grim faced dog that's looking for a fight
A GSilhouette looks like a Canterbruy rat
DWhen you see him coming mama, you'd better run
Because Jasper C. Debussy that's his kind of fun
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