Marc Bolan – Beyond The Rising Sun chords

Am C

[Verse 1]
AmYou've heard about the Fairyland where people walk hand in hand
C F CI tell you I know where it is
AmIt's past the apples of the Sun near the land of the Golden One
C F C AmFar beyond the rising sun
[Verse 2]
AmYou pass the oceans of this land, pass the man with the golden hand
C F CYou smile as you watch the dragons fly
AmAnd play upon the golden shore, and bang upon the magic door
C F C AmBehind which people never die, hey
[Verse 3]
AmFinally you make the scene, you see things you never dreamed
C F CYou thought they were only in your mind
AmWhere unicorns and young gods play from the break of dawn to the end of day
C F C Am C AmAlways happy and kind in their minds
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