Marc Bolan – Pictures Of Purple People chords

G Em G Em G Em

[Verse 1]
G Am I saw this mirror, I looked through it
G AmReflections looked most bent and old
G Am Cared too much, hating hatred
G Am G Em G EmSeeing things deformed and almost cold
[Verse 2]
G Am Crying sadly, shielding gladly my eyes
G Am G From the ugly side of fat men seeing, almost
Am GThin men peeping, sleeping, looking, falling
Am G Em G EmDizzy from their windows high
[Verse 3]
G Am The men of magic thinking if evil
G AmHe was bringing sunless children, Seeing all the bad
G Am'Cos beauty was too ugly And faceless people
G Am G Em G EmWondered at the beautiful forms they had
[Verse 4]
G AmNow the mirror's broken, I'm smiling, seeing good things
G AmYet despite foot splinters swirl in the air
G AmForever call him beauty Children come at night time
G EmWeird things blackening the fairest maiden's hair
[Outro] G Em G Em G Em G
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