Marc Bolan – Charlie chords


[Verse 1]
E AI'm walking down the highway, see this cat his name was Charlie
E AHe's the kinda guy who always looks the same
E A ESomeone that you've seen on a scene or at a party
AmCharlie is the kind you know what'll always be
AmOn his own scene, an absolute mystery
[Verse 2]
E ASometime later, an uptown nowhere High Street
E AYou can just imagine the wild person I'm about to meet
E A EStanding on a corner laughing at all the people he meets
AmAh, he smiles and politely says "How do you do?"
AmAs you walk away he makes faces after you
[Verse 3]
E AMy baby and I, we've been planning a nice cool weekend
E AComes a knock at my door, this guy yells out I'm his friend
E A EHe looks the place over and then tells me that he'll move in
AmCharlie is the one that all the neighbours stare
Am EBiblical beard and his long black flowing hair
[Outro] Am E
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