Marc Bolan – Misty Mist chords


[Verse 1]
AmHighways mine the mountains of the moon,
midnight is a sound singing Cupid's tune
C F C FOnly seeing is believing in the temple of the sun
C F C AmWhere silver swords dug a mistier morning sun
[Verse 2]
AmJump as sunlight skims the sky
Downstairs radiation burns my eyes
C F C FDarkness is a sound of the morning sun
C F C AmAnd the misty mist it spoils the morning fun
[Verse 3]
AmFarewell lost love, black-gloved woman known
To the prince of lies, as a metal stone
C F C FThe prince sees us smile, he smiles to the two
C F C AmIn the misty mist encircles both me and you
[Outro] Am [The end bit]
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