Meek Mill – Bag Talk chords

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Am Am FI can hear it in your voice you wasn't never in this shit nigga
Dm GWe still at war
[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
AmYoung niggas totin' Glocks
Sellin' dope, poppin' wheelies
F Dm GWhen the feds came through, they scooped the whole South Philly
Am F Dm GWhen the feds came through, they scooped the whole South Philly
Am FWe was grinding, they was hating
Dm GPerfect time to get this money, I was patient
Am FWe was Gucci, they was snaking
Dm GOnly one to keep it real when they was faking
Am FAin't a nigga 'round me I ain't give a hundred bands to
Dm GNever [?], Im not about them bitches that we ran through
Am FWhen you get the money like I got it the can't stand you
Dm Am FFuck 'em, we at war with the system, in the streets
Dm GBulletproof I'm in the trenches, niggas said that I got beef
AmI can't really trust these niggas 'bout this cash, and I can't sleep
Dm GAnd my homie lined my other homie up, 'cause he a creep
Am FShow no love for this pussy ass nigga, it get deep
Dm GFor the love of that Benji, we spillin' blood in them streets
Am FAnd I know why they hate me, it ain't no love in these streets
Dm GHe was hearing [?], it was cheap
Am FHe was sellin us that [?], [?] Reebok
Dm GDamn, thought you was all here, found out that we not
Am F[?] for three blocks
Dm GTurn that boy to a freeze pop, shoot him into a [?]
AmIt's a dog-eat-dog enviornment
FYoung niggas killing, all the old heads retiring
DmAnd the sound of that 30 start to sound inspiring
GWhen you pull up on them, I start firing
AmPlease don't judge us, they done killed our brothers
Am FI went drop top Dawn on 'em, we do numbers
Dm GAnd when we get a chance to rain on 'em, we gon' flood 'em
Fuck 'em, fuck 'em [Chorus]
AmI told 'em, I'mma pray for 'em
FAll that drama I feel like I'm made for
DmCatch a body, take it to the grave for me
GAnd if they pop you off, you'll never change on me, no
Am FBag talk, put a bag on her, [[?]
GKilled the niggas [?]
AmWhy you take it that far?
F[?] everybody, you gotta understand, dog
DmWe the type to call the house and have a standoff
[Verse 2]
Am FWe ain't never been loved, so we don't know how it feel
Dm GThat's how you feel the fake shit, they don't know who was real
Am FAll my enemies, frenemies, I don't know who to kill
Dm GI don't know who gon' keep it silent and know who gon' squeal
AmI can't tell no more
FI don't know who's [?]
Dm G'Cause it all got fuzzy and came down to that money
Am FI seen niggas [?], watch while I"m hungry
Dm GBitches changed for the fame, you gotta watch when they phony
Am FI don't know where I'm going, I need navigation
Dm GThey came and [?] y'all niggas for they graduation
Am FSpent some time on that [?] still ain't got no patience
Dm GGave my nigga 20 years, put him on vacation
Am FEvery time I'm in the hood, I be on some [?] shit
Dm GStars all in the ceiling, feel like it's a spaceship
Am FIn them streets, we still in there, niggas think we made it
Dm GThey just killed my little cousin, wish I could've saved him
Am F'Member times out in Vegas when we did it major
Dm GNiggas turned they back on us, I feel like they played us
Am FI feel like they try to use us, I can't do no favors
Dm GGotta watch these niggas close 'cause they been catchin [?]
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