Meek Mill – We Ball chords

[Intro: Meek Mill]
CRIP Dex Osama, Lil Snupe
AmAll the fallen soldiers
F GScooter, Truce
[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
AmWhen they killed my nigga Snupe, I seen my young nigga
F In the casket he ain't even have no blood in him
G Am Prolly the reason why I keep taking these drugs quicker
F GAin't got no patience for these motherfuckin' fuck niggas
Am I watch everybody change, they thought I lost it
FBut now they all bustin' U-ies its gon' cost 'em
G Am I seen Chino shut the casket on the coffin (Truce)
F GKilled his only big brother and we lost him
Am So I'ma hold it down 'til we all win
F GWe've been at the clearport ballin'
Am I just want to see my niggas flossin'
F G Hundred bands everytime I walk in
Am If you keep it trill you'll get a blessing for it
F GDeep down in the trenches with that Wesson on me
Am My mama, she can't sleep, I come here early mornings (mama)
F GBut mama I got thirty in this dirty .40
Am Any weapon formed against me shall not prosper
F GUsed to pray them Ramen noodles turned to lobster
Am Gotta watch my own homies on the roster
F GCause this the type of money'll get your lined up
[Bridge: Meek Mill]
AmAnd I can't trust nobody
F G AmThey hit your homie and they knocked the soul out him
F G Am They said that they would ride or die but ain't nobody roll 'bout it
F G Am Three felonies, ain't graduate, no I am not your role model
F GI hope the Lord got us
[Verse 2: Young Thug]
AmWhen they killed my nigga, I seen the footage on the tape
F GMan I must've threw up everything I ever ate
Am Man I know he got some dice at the Heaven gates
F GKicking shi t with all these bitches like he's Kevin Gates
Am F Relax your mind and kick your feet way up
G AmSelling dog food tryna feed my pups
FYoung rich nigga and I'm built Ford Tough\
GAnd I'm going through stuff
AmI don't feel no love
FAnd I shake your body and you still wake up
G AmTaking Perkys, man I fill my cup
F G The feds watching and they still might come, I'm gone
Am I wan' see my brother with the Patek not the static
F GGucci wrap your toe up, got retarded with my daddy
Am All they seen was red bottoms bleeding by the casket
F GPerkys got me focused, I done noticed all the damages
Am I don't see no purpose, in the county eating sandwiches
F GLost so many niggas, I went crazy, I couldn't balance it
Am You can't question God, yeah yeah, or any of these challenges
F GSipping on this Actavis, I swear I gotta manage it
AmSRT the challengers
C F Make that work do acrobatic flip, accurate
G AmAnd I'm leaning like a project banister
C F GI'm a boss, I ain't never need a manager, got freaks, we ball scandalous, ayy
[Outro: Young Thug]
Am FFuck it, we ball, yeah
G Am All the soldiers we lost, yeah
F Fuck it, we ball
G For all the soldiers we lost
Am Shawty on percocets in the bag (all the soldiers we lost)
F GGot a Rollie and a Pateky in my bag (all the soldiers we lost)
Am She just got a nose job and it wasn't that bad (fuck it, we ball)
F GI was juggin' round the city, I came back
Am FFuck it, we ball
G Yeah, fuck it, we ball
Am Tear down the mall, yeah
FFuck it, we ball
G Am F GTear down the mall, ayy
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