Microdisney – Hello Rascals chords

Gmaj7 G6 Amaj7 Amaj9 (x2)

[Verse 1]
EmWhen you were a child
F#mYou were loved and watched and cared for
EmPeople knew your name
F#mNow you're dirty, drenched in silence
EmSweating in the rain
F#mHating even dogs that see you
[Instrumental] Am7 Cm7 Am7 Cm7 Em Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 [Verse 2]
Em F#m Big day or too drunk now
EmStumble through the rain
F#mSleep in your bohemian clothes
EmWake up almost dead
F#mWatch the dawn in sick amazement
[Instrumental] Am7 Cm7 Am7 Cm7 Em Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 [Verse 3]
EmWhen I've gone to sleep
F#mAn old lady holds her arms out
EmLittle children smile, she says
F#m"Hello Rascals"
Em F#m Em F#m Hello Rascals"
[Fade] Gmaj7 G6 Amaj7 Amaj9 (x4)
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