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Microdisney – Mrs Simpson chords

E7 D7/F#

[Verse 1]
G Fadd9I went to see
Em7 CMrs Simpson
G Em F D7Up ten flights of stairs
G Fadd9My aunt had died
Em7 CLeaving me millions
G Em F D7Which I wanted to share
[Chorus 1]
Amaj7 C#mDoor was closed
Dmaj7 C#m7Locked and barred
Dmaj7 B7 E7The sign read sealed forever
Amaj7 C#mShould not have come
Dmaj7 C#m7Summer's gone
Dmaj7 B7 D7/F# CThe year hangs tarred and feathered
[Verse 2]
G Fadd9Like head on legs
Em7 CRest of a person
G Em F D7Somewhere in between
G DmI took the lot
Em CTaking you over
G Em F D7All crazy and mean
G Bbmaj7 F Gm7 F What we did and said in this place
Bbmaj7 F Cm7Noone will ever know so what's your disgrace?
Bbmaj7 F Gm7 FHere comes broken backs and bloody tears
Bbmaj7 F Cm7 Am7The air's thick and black and you disappeared
[Verse 3]
G Fadd9I went up
C#m7 CTo see Mrs Simpson
G Em F D7But she was not there
Emaj7 Bbmaj7She may have gone
E7 CBack to her husband
G Em F D7But I don't really care
[Chorus 2]
Amaj7 C#mBroken backs
Dmaj7 C#m7Heart attacks
Dmaj7 B7 E7Don't help keep me sober
Amaj7 C#mI should not have come
Dmaj7 C#m7Cause what I've done
Dmaj7 B7 E6 D7Is done and gone and over
[Instrumental] G Fadd9 Em C G Em F D7 (x3) [Chorus 3]
Amaj7 C#mSo hard luck
Dmaj7 C#m7I won't own up
Dmaj7 B7 E7At your inquest come December
Amaj7 C#mIts world war six
Dmaj7 C#m7Or twenty one
Dmaj7 B7 D7The sense has gone its over
Bm7 E7 Amaj7Ove--r and done
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