Napalm Death – Losers tab

Band:  Napalm Death
Title: Losers
Album: The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code

Tabbed by: Chris W.
Date: 10/18/05

Sorry guys I am to weak to find out the whole song.
Please someone to finish my tab.(Send to:

But I hope you like the intro. ;)

|Intro: play 3 times then \/ Thise|--------------------------|-------------------|b|--------------------------|-------------------|g|--------------------------|-------------------|d|--2--3--4--7--6--66--5--4-|---2--3--4--7--6---|a|--2--3--4--7--6--66--5--4-|---2--3--4--7--6---|e|--0--1--2--5--4--44--3--2-|---0--1--2--5--4---|
END :)
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