Napalm Death - Constitutional Hell tab

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Song:Constitutional Hell
Albom:Enemy Of The Music Business
Tabed by:Yura (

Riff A Riff B C#|-----------------|------------------------------|G#|-----------------|------------------------------|E |-----------------|------------------------------|B |-----------------|------------------------------|F#|-4-7-5-7-8-7-5-7-|------------------------------|C#|-2-5-3-5-6-5-3-5-|-1-5-0--2-5-0--1-5-0--1-5-3-5-|
Riff C|-------------------------------|-------------------------------||-------------------------------|-------------------------------||-------------------------------|-------------------------------||-------------------------------|---------6--------------6------||---5-----6----6---5-----6----6-|---5-----4----4---5-----4----4-||-3---3-5----3---3---3-5----3---|-3---3-5----3---3---3-5----3---|
Riff D Riff E |------------------------------------------|--------------------------||------------------------------------------|--------------------------||------------------------------------------|-7-----------6------------||-5-5x-5x-5x-7-7x-7x-7x-5-5x-5x-5x-5-7-5-4-|-0-----7-----0-----6-4-6--||-3-3x-3x-3x-5-5x-5x-5x-3-3x-3x-3x-3-5-3-2-|-5--5--0-----4-----4-2-4--||------------------------------------------|-------5------------------|
End on|------------||------------||------------||---4-7------||-0-0-0------||-4-2-5------|
SONG STRUCTURE: Intro - riff A ( x 2times) Verse - riff B ( x 8 times) Chorus - riff C ( x 4 times) Verse - riff B ( x 4 times) Chorus - riff C ( x 4 times) Riff A ( x 4 times) Riff D ( x 8 times) Riff E ( x 4 times) Riff D ( x 4 times) Riff E ( x 8 times) Riff A ( x 2 times) Verse - riff B ( x 8 times) Chorus - riff C ( x 2 times) End on END OF SONG
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