Natalie Merchant – Motherland chords

Song: Motherland 
Artist: Natalie Merchant
Capo: 2nd fret
Tuning: standard

How to play: first hit lowest bass-string you should play on the chord, then the 
chord complety twice. Just listen to the track, it's really easy.

Intro: Em

Verse 1:
Em G C GWhere in hell can you go, far from the things that you know,
C G DFar from this sprawl of concrete that keeps crawling it's way,
Em'Bout a thousand miles a day.
Em G C GTake one last look behind, commit this to memory and mind,
C G DDon't miss this wasteland, this terrible place, when you leave,
EmKeep your heart off your sleeve.
G D C GMotherland cradle me, close my eyes lullaby me to sleep,
C G DKeep me safe, lie with me -- stay beside me don't go, don't you go
Verse 3:
Em G C GMy five and dime queen, tell me what have you seen,
C G DThe lust and the avarice the bottomless, the cavernous greed,
EmIs that what you see?
Chorus ATTENTION: replace the "don't you go" with the start of the bridge: Bridge:
C G It's your happiness -- I want most of all
C Am DAnd for that I'd do anything at all. Oh mercy me.
C GIf you want the best of life and the most of love,
C Am DIf there is anything I can do at all.
Chorus: INSTRUMENTAL - G, D, C, G, C, G, D Verse 4:
Em G C GNow, Come on shotgun bride, what makes me envy your life,
C G DThe faceless the nameless the innocent the blameless and free,
EmWhat's that like to be?
D EmFirst chorus 2x; end final time with: Don’t go ….. Don't go …
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