Natalie Merchant – Cowboy Romance chords


D AIt's a Saturday afternoon romance
Bm Dbetween a cowboy and a fool
AAnd a fool
AA drunken meet up
in a crude saloon
D AA poor rocky mountain town
DHe's a scoundrel and
AShe's no pearl
Bm D AAnd together they are two lovers cruel
AGot her balanced on his knee
D AHe knows exactly what to say
D"You ain't been born
A'til you get out of town
Bm Dand honey, you might come with me"
Amight come with me"
EIf you do
D AIf you do
BmIf you do
DAnd if you do
EI'll spare the innocent ones
D Aand take you with me
Bm D AAnd together we will be drifters free"
AGot her tangled in his arms
D Ashe's a lusting, trusting fool
D"No man born can rule me
Athat I've sworn
Bm Dbut stranger if you do,
AI'll belong to you"
EIf you do
D AIf you do
BmIf you do
DAnd if you do
E"Would you spare the innocent ones
D AWould you take me with you?
Bm DCan you love the land
Aand love me too?"
AAs he grows sober
sees his love anew
D Ain the morning light so true
Bm Dand he gets on the move
AOn the move
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