Natalie Merchant – Saint Judas chords

The song is in the key of C# minor. 

C#m Saddle up the horses and wear your Sunday best
ASing your Sacred Harp, you be holier than the rest
C#mFill up the room with a grand and a thunderous song
ALet it rattle out the windows, let it spill out on the lawn
C#mShout, shout your praises to the man who kissed the Lord
F#mTo the back stabbing brother that betrayed all of this world
A B C#mYour Judas!
(chords remain the same for the rest of the song really) Yea, though you may walk in the valley in the dark There's no greater evil than the darkness in your heart Your stun guns, bloodhounds, needle and your razor wire Your nylon shackle whipping post and your high tech burning tire Your Judas! Whiplash crack across the back, across the arms Although you bound his feet, he running fast he running hard Through them crickets in the corn and them horses in the field Hear the "caw, caw" of the crows See the devil at the wheel y'all, Judas! Go on down to Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee, Georgia, Carolina, Carolina.
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