Nerd – Sooner Or Later tab

Artist: N.E.R.D
song: Sooner Or Later
Album: Seeing Sounds

I think this tab is not 100% correct.

           C                 G        Am
Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down) 
C         F
crashing down (crashing down) 
F               G
when everyone's around
            C                      G     Am
I bet you would've paid up all your cash down (your cash down)
  C             F
and not make a sound (to make a sound)
F               G
everyone knows now

Verse 1:
           C                          Am
(So you're sad) About the moment you lost your love (Damn) 
F                G                      C
You couldn't see her leaving (You were gassed) 
And that's sucks dont it cause God yanked the rug 
       F                                G
and holding your heart will not help you breathe

Chorus again.

It all comes crashing down
It's over really

C5 G5 4X

Chord progession the same for every verse
so infact this is the whole song.
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