New Creation Church – Unmerited Favor chords

Song: Unmerited Favour
By: New Creation Church
Key: G

GVerse 1:
GI am standing
Dunder an open heaven
AmDrenched by endless
CShowers of grace
G I’m surrounded
Dby love and tender mercies
AmAs You freely gave
C Dso freely I’ve received
GNow I’ve got every reason to rejoice
DYour unmerited Favour is on my life
AmIt’s got nothing to do with what I did
C DBut it’s all about what You’ve done for me
GAnd because of the cross it’s plain to see
DI’m irrevocably saved now I am free
AmAnd I’ll rejoice
CIn everything You’ve done
GIn everything You’ve done
Verse 2:
GNo more striving
DBecause I’ve been forgiven
Am Made forever
CRighteous and whole
G I’m secure in
DThe hope that is unwavering
Am And my future’s bright
C D‘cus Your word is my light
Instrumental: G D Am C D
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