New Creation Church – I Stand In Worship chords

[Verse 1]

G D/F#In Your hand are the depths of the earth
Em7 Bm7And the heights of the heavens above
Am7 G/BI worship and bow down
C DKneel before You, my Lord and Maker
[Verse 2]
G D/F#In Your hand is the breath of my soul
Em7 Bm7In Your love I stand righteous and bold
Am7 G/BTo honour You my King
C DGlorify You, my Redeemer
G9 With open arms I stand in worship
Bm7 Feel Your love's embrace
Em7 D Cmaj7 DIn reverence I enthrone You Jesus, Lifter of my head
G9 Bm7 With gratefulness I stand before You, Faithful loving King
Em7 DI rest in hope for You are my portion
Cmaj7 D GWith thankfulness ... (I sing)
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