New Life Worship – My Savior Lives tab

Song Title: My Savior Lives	
Artist: New life worship
Tabbed by: Emmanuel A. Castillo

Verse: B(sustained) I got the rain forever and all the world will know His name everyone together C#m sing the song for the redeemed Chorus: B G# I know that my Redeemer lives G# and now I stand for what He did E B My Savior ,My Savior Lives(do intro) B G# everyday a brand new chance to say Jesus You’re the only way E B My Savior,My Savior Lives Verse II: B(sustained) The King’s come from heaven B and dark’s tremble in His name B victory forever B C#m is the song for the redeemed Bridge: B G# My Savior Lives E My Savior Lives B My Savior Lives THAT'S ALL..MY BROTHERS, KEEP ON SERVING OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST THE ORIGINAL SUPERMAN
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