Nichole Nordeman – To Know You chords

Fm Eb Fm Eb Bb(listen to the timing)
Verse 1
Fm It's well past midnight
Bbsus Bb And I'm awake with questions that won't
Fm Wait for daylight
Bbsus Bb /C Db Separating fact from my imaginary fiction
Fm On this shelf of my conviction
Bbsus Bb I need to find a place
Csus C Where You and I come face to face
Verse 2
Fm Thomas needed
Bbsus Bb Proof that You had really risen
Fm Undefeated
Bbsus Bb When he placed his fingers
/C Db Where the nails once broke Your skin
Fm Did his faith finally begin?
Bbsus Bb I've lied if I've denied
Csus C The common ground I've shared with him
Db Ab And I, I really want to know You
Eb I want to make each day
/C Bbm Db A different way that I can show You how
Ab I really want to love You
Eb Be patient with my doubt
/C Bbm /C Db I'm just tryin' to figure out Your will
Eb Fm And I really want to know You still
Verse 3
Fm Nicodemus
Bbsus Bb Could not understand how You could
Fm Truly free us
(no chord) He struggled with the image
Db Of a grown man born again
Fm We might have been good friends
Bbsus Bb Cuz sometimes I still question, too
Csus C How easily we come to You
Fm Bbsus Bb Fm No more campin' on the porch of indecision
Bbsus Bb /C Db Ab No more sleepin' under stars of apathy
Bbsus Bb And it might be easier to dream
Csus C But dreamin's not for me
CHORUS (ENDING-Db and Ab alternate for the rest of the song.)
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