Nick Drake – Cello Song chords


G6  G    G6

G DStrange face, with your eyes
C G6 G G6 So pale and sincere.
G DUnderneath you know well
C G6 G G6 You have nothing to fear.
C G Cmaj7 G6 G G6 For the dreams that came to you when so young
C GTold of a life
Am C – Cmaj7 G6 G G6 Where spring is sprung.
G G7 G G7 G G7 G7 G6 G Mhhhh Mhh mh mh mh mh mh mh mh Mhhhhhhhh [x2]
G DYou would seem so frail
C G6 G G6 In the cold of the night
G DWhen the armies of emotion
C G Go out to fight.
C G Cmaj7 G6 G G6 But while the earth sinks to its grave
C G You sail to the sky
Am C – Cmaj7 G6 G G6 On the crest of a wave.
G DSo forget this cruel world
C G6 G G6 Where I belong
G DI'll just sit and wait
C G6 G G6 And sing my song.
C G Cmaj7 And if one day you should see
G6 G G6me in the crowd
C GLend a hand and lift me
Am C – Cmaj7 G6 G G6To your place in the cloud.
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