Nicole Atkins – Maybe Tonight tab

Song: Maybe Tonight
Artist: Nicole Atkins
Album: Neptune City
Tabbist: KrazyGamer (

what a nice song! me likes the pre-chorus. i tabbed this out based on her live 
as well as the studio recording, so it should be right. let me know if i done wrong.


CHORDS USED (based on capo location):

D   xx0232
F#m 244222
G   320033
A   x02220
Bm  x24432
Gm  355333
Em  0220xx


std tuning, capo on 1

INTRO (she plays this during her live performances)
D Bm Em Gm


D                     F#m
i foresaw you like an old ghost story

       G                    A
from a family tree that was handed down to me

D                     F#m
i've known you like a siren song that warns

       G                       A
i have been informed you could be the death of me


but patience pounds on the time that i stole

you were meant to be mine

i draw a duel with the cards of the gods

          F#m             Em    Gm
that were played in fated time, oooooooohhhh


D                  Bm
i know we'll meet again

maybe tonight

             Gm        A
just tell me where and when

D                 Bm
i know it's never sure

maybe tonight

        Gm     A
maybe toniiiIIIiiight


D            F#m
sky whispers in a baritone

         G                A
that the mys-te-ry always beats what i am shown

D                        F#m
search the the di-al for what i need to know

           G              A
they don't play the songs on my radio

(PRE-CHORUS: Bm F#m Gm F#m Em Gm)

(CHORUS x2: D Bm Em Gm A D 
Em Gm A)

(end with a D)
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