Nicole Atkins - Cry Cry Cry chords

Cry Cry Cry 
By Nicole Atkins
Transcribed by Daniel DiFranco

DISCLAIMER: The chords are correct. Listen to the song for the changes if for some 
reason they do not line up after the tab is uploaded. I've edited it so they line 
up in the submission preview, but who knows where they'll be after it is processed.

Intro:    C	E	F	G#	A#

C AmYou oughta ask her If two wrongs make a right.
C AmCause our love's a dark disaster Since I turned on the light
F C/E D Everyone stumbles in spite of themselves
C G But you're holding the cards, You're not sharing the wealth.
C ESo I cry, cry, cry Don't you know how I feel?
F D I've been low on your lies, While you're high on a hill.
C ESo I try, try, try But it does me no good,
F G# A# C And you won't hear my warning. It's a bad day darling so I cry.
( C continued over licks ) VERSE 2: Love me forever But the trust has been lost You won't waste it, You'd hurt me never Now the line has been crossed PRE CHORUS 2: I hung your picture And leveled my dart At the folded in the page, That's the crease in your heart. CHORUS 2: So I cry, cry, cry Cause I don't understand How I'm under the spell Of a confidence man Oh I try, try, try But it does me no good And you hear my warning It's a bad day darling so I cry (Drum Break minus Band) CHORUS 3: Oh I cry, cry, cry - I'm stuck where I stand While you're running around, Should be holding my hand. Oh I try, try, try, But it does me no good, And you hear my warning. It's a bad day darling so I cry. OUTRO/SOLO: (Play chords for chorus. End on C.)
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