Nina – Will You Wait For Me chords

Title: Will You Wait For Me
Artist: Nina

Intro: Em7(9) CM7 3x
       CM7 D pause

Em7(9) CM7I need to talk with you again
Em7(9) CM7Why did you go away
Em7(9) CM7 C9 D9 All our time together, just feels like yesterday
Em7(9) CM7I never thought I'd seen
Em7(9) CM7 A singled day without you
Em7(9) CM7 C9The things we take for granted
We can sometimes lose Refrain:
Em Em+M7 Em7 A7 And If I promise not to feel this pain
C9 G/BWill I see you again
C9 D9Will I see you again
G D9 Em7 C9COs time will pass me by may be I'll never learn to smile
G D9But I know I will make it through
Em7(9) C9 If you wait for me
G D9/F#And all the tears I cry
Em7(9) C9No matter how I try
Am7 Bm(sus)They will never bring you home to me
C9 D9Won't you wait for me in heaven
Em7(9) CM7Do you remember how it was
Em7(9) CM7When we never seemed to care
Em7(9) CM7The days went by so quickly
C9 D9COs I thought you'd always be there
Em(9) CM7It's hard to let you go
Em7(9) CM7Though I know that I must try
Em7(9) CM7I feel like I've been cheated
C9 D9COs we never said goodbye
Repeat Refrain and CHorus
CM7COz I miss you so..
Am7 D7and I need to know
GWill you wait for me..
Repeat CHorus
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