Ninja Sex Party – Dinosaur Laser Fight chords


A. D. EmHey boys and girls,
This ninja science lesson's
A. D. EmGonna rock your world
So close your eyes and travel
Aback in time with me and
Em A. D. EmNinja bri. It's gonna blow your mind to shit!
It was an ordinary
A. Em Day at dinosaur high
Then stegosaurus raised his
A. EmHand and called for high fives
Tyrannosaurus saw this
A. Emthen got pissed because his tiny wrist
A. DCaused his high five to miss and he was like "FUCK THIS!"
AOh yeah
EmHell yeah
AIt was an oldschool
Ddinosaur laser fight
AOh yeah
EmHell yeah
AJust a classic dinosur laser fight
Bridge: A D Em A D Em It was a futuristic
A. EmPrehistoric throwdown
And it was quiet because
A. EmIt's in space there's no sound
Did I mention this took
A. Emplace in space? It did so shut your face
Also there
A. DWere robots and sharks
(Chorus)-the second chorus has a lyrical variation. Rather than a repeated 'oh yeah, hell yeah' sequence, The second part goes; 'in space, with sharks. Just an oldschool dinosaur laser fight' Bridge A Em
A. DIt's fucking science
Just ask albert
A. Em. A. DEinstein. He invented spaaaace....
Then a bunch of fucking
A. D. EmAliens from mars
Showed up ripping solos
A. D. EmOn v-neck guitars
The dinos, sharks and robots
A. D. EmSaw they came in peace
So they killed them with
A. DLasers. Holy shit!
Then they had a
A. D. A Laser party
DLaser party
AHoly shit!
DLaser party
A. DLaser party
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