Ninja Sex Party – Courtship Of The Mermaid chords

Gm Bb F  Gm
Bb Dm Eb F

[Verse 1]
Gm Bb F GmOnce upon a morning dawn
Bb Dm Eb FNinja Brian and I happened upon
Gm Bb F GmA gold pond, In a forest enchanted where we
Bb Dm Eb Fboth gazed upon a bold sight so fair
Gm Bb F GmSee there, beneath the blue waterfall
Bb Dm Eb FA mermaid was swimming and my heart, enthralled,
Gm Bb F GmBecame lost in the beautiful lines of her face
Bb Dm Eb FFor every lithe movement was exquisite grace
Gm Bb F GmI trembled in silence at the love of my life
Bb Dm Eb FSuch a delicate moment, I must play this just right
Eb Bb Eb Bb"Hey, do you like pizza!?" I screamed loud as shit
Bb Gm Eb FThen I grabbed a whole pizza, threw the fuck out of it
Gm F Eb BbIt soared through the air like some pizza-ass doves
Eb Bb Eb FNow marvel and witness the glory of...
Bb F Gm F Eb Bb Gm F Bbloooooove...
[Spoken Interlude]
N.C.Here comes the pizza!
[Verse 2]
Gm Bb F GmThe mermaid looked off with her hair in the breeze
Bb Dm Eb FFor she'd noticed not my love letter of cheese
Gm Bb F GmI don't see how I may get her soul to listen
Bb Dm Eb FLike sunlight she shines, like crystals, she glistens
Gm Bb F GmI need to dream an ingenious new scheme
Bb Dm Eb FSo this angel shall open her heart to me
Eb Bb Eb Bb"More pizza, Brian!" with onions and ham, too
Bb Gm Eb FNow coat me in pizza and throw me, goddamn you!
Gm F Eb BbAs choirs of angels sing out to the sky
Eb Bb Eb FIn a cheese crust of passion, my true love shall...
Bb F Gm F Eb Bb Gm Fflyyyy...
Bb F Gm F Eb Bb Gm F Bb F Gm F Eb Bb Gm F Bb [Spoken]: Ah, my legs! God, they're definitely broken! Oh no, a handsome merman has just appeared! He's brought the mermaid filet mignon, Brian. That's a clearly superior dish. Now they're boning, wow, that was fast Hold on, I'm gonna try to hop over and tell her I love her. Aarghh! Can one of you angels fly me to a hospital, please? No? Cool. Fuck you guys.
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