Ninja Sex Party – Fyi I Wanna F Your A chords

| Bm//A | F#m//G |
| Bm//A | F#m Bm |

[Verse 1]
Bm AI want my P in your V
F#m GWant you to S on my D
Bm AGotta J Off on your T's
F#m ||| | | G Bm | |Then FYI I wanna F your A
Bm AO M G,
F#m GJust stuff your mouth with my Bs
Bm ADon't LOL at my C
F#m G BmAnd FYI I wanna F your A
Bm G AGirl, I can tell that you know what I mean
F#m GBut just in case, I will provide the translation
Bm G ALike how I want you to sign up for the PTA
Em F#mThat's the Penis Touching Association
Bm GTonight let's watch a DVD
A F#m GThat means you'll get a Dicking oh so Very Delicately
Bm GI'll take the SAT, you'll take the GRE
A Em F#mI'll do Such Amazing Thrusting that you'll Get Ready for Ecstasy
[Verse 2]
Bm AHoly S
F#m GI'll bust a N on your chest
Bm AYou know my D is the best
F#m G BmAnd FYI I wanna F your A
Bm ANo F'in' way
F#m GSo how about a BJ?
Bm AIf not, that's also OK
F#m G BmBut FYI I wanna F your A
Bm GLet's play a sexy RPG
A F#m GWhile we watch ABC and eat a bowl of MSG
Bm GMeaning that I'll Really Pound your Groin
A Em F#mAs you Achieve Butt Climax and Make Sex Gravy
Bm GYou'll be a VIP at the DMV
A F#m GVery Intensely Plowed by a Dick Made out of Victory
Bm GLOL! JK, I love your TLC
A Em F#mAnd you can bet I'll BRB for some more S-E-X ASAP
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