Cigarettes chords with lyrics by Noah Gundersen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Noah Gundersen – Cigarettes chords

Cigarettes by Noah Gundersen

Tuning: Standard

The C's are played longer than the G's. And the D string is hammered on incessantly.
From this video
Have shown how I think the chords are played, but if you're not fussy I'd just play them 
how you usually would.


G C Am Em C/G De|---3-----3-----0------0-------0-------0----------|B|---0----h1-----1------0-------1-------3----------|G|---0-----0-----0------0-------0-------0----------|D|---0----h2-----2------2-------2-------4----------|A|---0-----0-----0------2-------3-------5----------|E|---3-----3-----0------0-------3-------5----------|
Intro: G C G C Verse 1:
G C G CYou remind me, of cigarettes,
G C G CThe way I hold you, in my chest,
G C G CThe way you kiss me, with your filter breath,
G C G CAnd I keep thinking, I'm getting over this.
Am Em C/GOnce you had me, you don't have me anymore,
Am Em C/G DI don't crave you in the morning, or at the company store,
Am Em C/GI don't use you to escape, in my fingers out the door,
Am Em C/GOnce you had me, you don't have me anymore.
C G C GBut honey you're smooooooooooth (x4)
Verse 2:
G C G CYou don't make me, coooool,
G C G CAnd I can carry on fine without you,
G C G CYou're a spirit, and you can't be beat,
G C G CWhen I'm jonesin(?), honey I buy cheap.
Repeat chorus (x1) Bridge:
C Am DYeah but the truth is, that you do,
Am Em C/GNot the way you used to, but I keep coming back to you,
C G C GBecause honey you're smoooooooth
C G C GHoney you're smooooooooth (x3)
Outro: C G C etc.
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