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From: "Oscar" 
Subject: o/ocean_colour_scene/half_a_dream_away.crd

Half A Dream Away with Ocean Colour Scene (Revised)
This how I think Half A Dream Away is played.I think it sounds quite right.
If you disagree you could always mail me at oscar.widegren@nykoping.com.
This song doesn't include any real chords except for during the trombone
solo and the fade-out when it's some kind of chords but they are very quite
so it's hard to tab that. After the fade-out there is a little part I didn't
manage to tab. But I will when I have time. The notes between the brackets
are them who are palm-muted or played very silent.
Revised: I have corrected the verse.

Intro :A-----------------------------------------|E-8-8-7---7h8p7-5---3-2---8-8-7---7h8p7-5-| x2
Verse: We're just half a dream away Sitting on our fences Building up defences Making up the rules by wich we play We're just half way down the road Staking our positions Stupid superstitions Only give fools to heavy a load Verse is played:
Chorus: The magpie screeched and the window is shattered Her body's bruised but her soul's not battered The fireman tried but the hose was frozen The cupboards bare but the door needs closing
Chorus is played:A-----------------------------------------|E-8-8-7---7h8p7-5---3-2---8-8-7---7h8p7-5-| x2
Verse 2: We spend half our time away >From being where we want to And seeing who it's fun to Not blaming ourselves for our mistakes We spend half a dream away Looking out of windows Waiting for a signal Waiting for night to turn to day
Verse 2 is played:e-2h3p2------------2h3p2------------------|B-------3---(3)----------3---5h6p5--------|G---------2----(2)---------0-------5------|D------------------------------------5----|
Chorus 2: The tree was bare but the birds were singing The milk turned sour and my thirst needs quenching The meat was dead and I need me feeding The room was cold but the night was freezing
Chorus 2 is played:A-----------------------------------------|E-8-8-7---7h8p7-5---3-2---8-8-7---7h8p7-5-| x2
Trombone solo Chorus 3 & 4: The rainbow frowned when the sun was shining A baby's snatched on a beautiful morning A dog runs wild and the breaks are screaming A church on fire is struck by lightning The dead man's hands had beautiful fingers The princess frowned at her lovers mistress She went insane and poisoned the children A teacher's drowned and a child is laughing
Chorus 3 & 4 is played:A-----------------------------------------|E-8-8-7---7h8p7-5---3-2---8-8-7---7h8p7-5-| x4
Fade-out: We're just half a dream away x4 Mysterious part - Oscar Widegren
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