Ocean Colour Scene – Smile chords


C smile won't you
E smile like they
F smile at you upon TV
Fm all the smiles stare back at me so I
C Smile as we
E While,
F Down along the broken mile
Fm ( cant remember the words for this bit ) so I
C Smile
Em all you need is
F Better year
Em all you need is
F the loving of a
G dance
C called you on the phone but nobody was home cos your not
G you - why dya have to break your heart in
F two all on your
Fm G own
vers 2 as vers 1 prechorus 2 as 1 chorus 2 as 1 not sure what the words are for the outro bit but the chords go
C E F G twice then
F its not enough
Fm Its not enough wont you
C smile
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