Offspring - We Are One tab

Hi ppl, i'm an absolute offspring freak so i tabbed out these for you guys. Enjoy! Love ANNA

Intro:   A  C  G  D  F x2

      A          C
      We are one with ourselves,
      G                       D      F
      Don't give a shit about anyone else
               A            C                                 G (stop dead) 
      Well, it won't belong until our day in the sun is gonna stop...
          D          F
      The walls come tumbling down!


      A          C
      We are one...
      We are free...
      G             D      F
      We are headed for obscurity
      A          C
      We are one...
      We are weak...
      G            D       F       A
      We are gonna make ourselfs extinct


      A               C  
      The bigger they are
                      G      D  
      The harder they fall  (Woahooo)
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