Omd – Secret chords


Standard Tuning

A-AM7-D-Esus-E-; (2X)
A AM7 I've got a secret that I can't explain
D Esus E A All The time I've waited for this day
AM7 All along I was Never in doubt
D Esus E I always knew it would never get out
A AM7 There are things that I cannot tell
D Esus E And there are things that you know darn well
A AM7 This is getting very hard for me
D Esus E I guess you'd better just wait and see
A---- Shout!
A-C#m7 D-Esus-E This is all
A-C#m7 D-Esus-E This is all
E---- Secret
A AM7 You've heard the message and the message is clear
D Esus E A All the time you wipe away my tear
AM7 All I want is to hold your hand
D Esus E To see the sun and walk the sand
A AM7 You make me sad and you make me glad
D Esus E A And now you see, all my secret is this love
AM7 D Is love, is love
Esus2 E A----- My secret is this love
E E/G# Ev'ryday you're always there
A You comfort me
B E E/G# A-E/B-B And make me feel it's worth my while
E E/G# And then I look around and you're not there
A B E-E/G# A E/B-B And ev'ryday you say you dare and I'll be where
E----- Secret
(Repeat Chorus except last line) Ad Lib (Chord pattern A-C#m7-D-Esus-E to fade)
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