Osborne Joan – Lumina tab

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Artist      : Joan Osborne
Song        : Lumina
Taken from  : Relish (1995)
Written by  : J. Osborne & E. Brazilian
Chorded by  : Wilbert Huigens with help from R. Ceelen (r.ceelen@hsbos.nl)
Corrections : send to : bb_m25@dds.nl


Used chords:

C     x32033
D     xx0232
Em    022000
G     320033


listen to track on cd for rhythm CG passes

repeat: CGCG

[chorus as intro]
Come and wrap around me
Take me through the snow

D          Em     C          G
Eve take a train, Eve took a train
Went to see her man
D         Em       C      G
Melting inside, melting away
Like butter in the pan

[chorus like intro]

Eve took a fruit, Eve bit the fruit
Just ran down her chin
Babies will put things in their mouths
Never heard of sin

[chorus like intro]
Open like the sea
Sing me in the dark

Eve had to ask, Eve had to ask
What is wrong with this?
Here is the place, now is the time
Let's invent the kiss

[chorus like intro]

Come and wrap around me...
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