Osborne Joan – Right Hand Man tab

main riff(clean electric)- E-------------------------------------------| B--------------------0----------------------| G--7----7---7--7--7--0--1--------1-----0----| D--7h9--7---7--9--7--0--2--------2-----0----| A--7----7---7-----7--0--2--------2-----0----| E-----------------------0--0--0-----0-------|
Repeat that riff throughout verse. There's a possibility that it might vary slightly at certain points. Just play along with the rhythm and it should sound fine. Even though I described the tone as clean electric, there may be a slight reverb or some other effect. I'm not a musician so I really don't know. It sounds fine clean though IMO. lyrics: Let me use your toothbrush Have you got a clean shirt My panties in a wad at the bottom of my purse I walk into the street The air's so cool I'm wired and I'm tired and I'm grinnin' like a fool I've been on the floor lookin' for a chair I've been on a chair lookin' for a couch I've been on a couch lookin' for a bed lookin' for a bed lookin' for my my My right hand, my right hand man(7x) If he can't fix it I don't know who can (main riff) woo hoo aw yeah Sesame(?)a salesman The cops on the block They know what I've been doin' They see the way I walk I wonder what they'd say now I wonder what they'd do They feel somebody want them The way I'm wanting you (bridge) (chorus) use me up if you think you can (sax solo/verse riff) (bridge) (chorus(extended variation)) If he can't fix it gonna find a boy who can Anyone who wants to post the chords for the bridge and chorus is more than welcome. Have fun with it.
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