Ours – Here Is The Light tab

		Here Is The Light - Ours / Jimmy Gnecco

Tabbed by: RyuTheCrow
Email: ryuthecrow@gmx.de (please mail me for questions)

Tuning: standard

Important to say:
- Most of the tabs in the I-net were deficient and incomplete. This is the version „I" tabbed
on acoustic guitar! Its sounds to 95% like the original of Jimmy Gnecco because I spend my time
to tab it out.

- The hardest part was to tab out the “guitar solo” and the “2nd half of the 2nd Verse”.
Up to now, I’m not 100% sure that these parts are the right chords. But it sounds very 
like them.

-If the effects are to hard for you, you don’t need to play them. You can also play the
chords. But the effects are very important for the sound of the original song.

-The song can only sounds like original if you play it with your soul and heart.
you won’t find the right timing.

- I hope I wrote not too complicated. Because this song isn’t hard. Its easy, but first
strange chords. Have fun and good luck. And practice, practice, practice….  ;)

-----Special chords and special effects used:

Am* means: The chord based on Am but switch with your own timing from Am to Asus2 andto Am, maybe like this (its hard to make the same timing like Jimmy....):e|--0-0-0-0-0-0-0------|B|--1-0-1-0-1-1-1------|G|--2-2-2-2-2-2-2------|D|--2-2-2-2-2-2-2------|A|--0-0-0-0-0-0-0------|E|--0-0-0-0-0-0-0------|
G7M/C F#m/Ce|--x-----x------------|B|--x-----x------------|G|--0-----2------------|D|--4-----4------------|A|--3-----3------------|E|--x-----x------------|
Em* means: The bar has 4 steps, so use your 1st finger, then the 4th finger to make this effect.e|--x-x-x-x------------|B|--x-x-x-x------------|G|--0-0-0-0------------|D|--2-2-2-2------------|A|--2-2-2-2------------|E|--0-2-3-0------------|
Em** means: Use your 4th finger to make this effect until the “3rdand a half” step. Youmake it by your own timing.e|--x-xxxxx------------|B|--x-xxxxx------------|G|--0-22220------------|D|--2-22222------------|A|--2-22222------------|E|--0-00000------------|
G7M/C* means: With this acoustic chord you can play a effect like the guitar solo. Taketiming of this solo.e|--x--x--x--x------|B|--x--0--x--0------|G|--0--4--0--4------|D|--4--4--4--4------|A|--3--3--3--3------|E|--x--x--x--x------|
Em->Em/F#->G means: Play it like Em* on the first two steps, and the last you play G.e|--x-x-x-3------------|B|--x-x-x-3------------|G|--0-0-0-0------------|D|--2-2-0-0------------|A|--2-2-2-2------------|E|--0-2-3-3------------|
-----------------------------------------lets go: INTRO/MAINRIFF(4times): Am*, Em SOLO(1time): G7M/C, Em VERSE: F#m/C Em* The deepest repent is coming F#m /C Em tonight I turn off the light. Don't F#m /C Em* leave yet. Repeated a pale colored F#m /C Em boy, and sister are cheated CHORUS: C G Am The needle will bite and sting C G Am When we will arrive, we'll bring MAINRIFF: (3times) Am*, Em VERSE: F#m /C Em* Peace in this evening, I turned F#m /C Em on the light and everyone's grieving. Here G7M /C Em is the light! Oh let it shine through me. Here F#m /C Em** is the light! Oh let it burn and burn. CHORUS: C G Am The needle will bite and sting C G Am When we will arrive, we'll bring MAINRIFF: (4times) Am*, Em Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
SOLO:G7M /C* Em**Guitar-Solo part one:e|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------|G|------4-4-----4-4-----2-2-4-4-5-4h5p4---|D|----------------------------------------|A|--3-3-----3-3-----2-2-------------------|E|----------------------------------------|
G7M /C* Em->Em/F#->GGuitar-Solo part one: (end on the last 5 or begin with C of chorus)e|-----------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------|G|------4-4-----4-4-----2-2-4-4-5-4h5p4--5-|D|-----------------------------------------|A|--3-3-----3-3-----2-2--------------------|E|-----------------------------------------|
CHORUS/ENDING: C G Am The needle will bite and sting C G Am G When we will arrive, we'll bring C G Am This torturous cycle to burn, burn, burn C G Am When we will arrive, we'll sing C G Am Dodododooooododoooooo (until it ends)
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