Ollie MN – Kfc Panic Attack chords

[Verse 1]

FDuring a panic attack
CAt my local KFC
FI'm comforted by the fact
CThat the Wifi's free
FSo I can google
G"what the fuck is wrong with me?"
FWhy do I struggle
GWith things that should come so naturally?
Am G FOh how do you keep the fear away?
Am G FFeel it rising in my throat every day
Am G FIt's hard to explain you're not okay
Am G FWithout sounding like the worst tumblr cliche
CSome days there'll be rain
FIt won't always be the same
AmSome days there'll be pain
CBut you'll be yourself again
C [Verse 2]
CLate at night
AmI walk the streets alone
CBathed in lamplight
AmMiles away from home
F GI thought I'd find meaning in the night sky
Em7 CBut it's so damn cold and my phone's about to die
F GNot sure if there's much beyond you and I
Em7 FSo let's just grow old and never ask why
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