Ollie MN – Song For The Sleepless chords

[Verse 1]
Em7 Cadd9 G GI should be in bed
Em7 Cadd9 G GBut I'm sitting here instead
C6add9 D G GWith a stomach full of dread
C6add9 D G GAnd a list of words unsaid
[Verse 2]
C Dadd4 G GMaybe if I finish this boxset
C Dadd4 G Am7I'll have figured out a way to clear my student debt
C Dadd4 G Am7Maybe by the time the morning rears its head
C Cm G GI'll feel ready to get up and face the world again
[Verse 3]
Em7 Dadd4 C CBut my dreams are always cruel to me
Em7 Dadd4 Am7 CAll my worst fears, unfolding in HD
Em7 Dadd4 C CAnd I dread all the thoughts that the nights bring
Em7 Dadd4 Am7 CI'm not safe 'til I hear those songbirds sing, please sing
[Verse 4]
G C G CYou have watched the sunrise too many times
G C G CIt doesn't move you
Em7 Dadd4 Am7 CYou have watched the sunrise too many times
GIt doesn't move you
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