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The cords for this song are F, C, and E, the latter being played standardly.
The F as well as the C are played as slight variations:

F C/G Ee|---0----0----0---|B|---1----1----0---|G|---2----2----1---|D|---3----0----2---|A|---3----3----2---|E|---1----3----0---|
So the easiest way to play this is using your thumb to hold down the low E string while playing the F, then moving your middle, ring and pinky fingers one string lower to play the C/G. F C/G F C/G I heard it's getting windy so I'll set and watch you blow F C/G I will chain you to my boat F C/G I will carry you back home F C/G F C/G And I won't say I love you cause it's all been said before F C/G Let's not say it anymore F C/G 'cause love nothing here's for sure F C/G F They treat us like dogs C/G F So we play along C/G E We bark and we moan F And play them more songs C/G F But when we blow away C/G F And get out of this place C/G E We go down like a shower And up like a prince
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