Page France – Ceiling tab

D               G                   D                 G

D                                            G
Your mother’s voice was bleeding through the ceiling
      D                               G
As we rolled around along the kitchen floor
         D                               G
We could see your father in the backyard kneeling
      D                            G
Funny mother doesn’t kneel much anymore
         Bm                A                  G
But I pushed myself right through you for the first time
      Bm                A      G       
And I told you that I’d never untrue
      G                           D       Bm   F#            G
And I held you like I never had before              

D                                  G
Sister found the pills now for the first time
       D                              G
We all loved her more by her hospital bed
    D                          G
And father had a seat upon her right side
    D                                G
And mother loved her dearly from her left
         Bm                A           G
Then her heart had burst into a sea of softness
       Bm               A                 G 
And it swallowed up the whole world all at once
        G                            D
We were closer than we’d ever been before
        G                             D
We were younger than we’d ever been before
        G                           D
Somehow safer than we’d ever been before
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