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Parachute Band – Complete chords

Capo: 2

Intro: G D Em C (2x)


G D Em C GHere I am, Oh God, I bring this sacrifice
D Em C EmMy open heart. I offer up my life.
C Em C GI look to You, Lord. Your love that never ends
C DRestores me again
G Em C DSo I lift my eyes to you, Lord
G Em C DIn Your strength will I break through, Lord
Em Touch me now,
D G Clet Your love fall down on me
Am C DI know Your love dispels all my fears
G Through the storm
Em C DI will hold on Lord
G Em C DAnd by faith I will walk on, Lord
Em Then I'll see
D G Cbeyond my calvary one day
Am D GAnd I will be complete in You
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