Pat Green – Baby Doll tab

The first tab for this is close but a few parts are a little off. So I thought I'd
and do my own version.
I haven't bothered to include any tab for the second electric guitar. Mainly cause I'm
and no one asked for it :)
The acoustic guitar in the song is capoed at the 2nd fret, as in the earlier tab.

Chords used:

G  320033
A  x02220
Am x02210
Bm x24432
B7 x21202
C  x32010
D  xx0232
Dsus/F# 2x032x
Em 022000


Baby doll
    Dsus2/F#                     Em
Do you believe they'll catch you when you fall?
         Am                              D      C D
And when morning comes, the sun is gonna shine
Don't forget
          Dsus2/F#             Em
Your minor keys, your half-lit cigarette
            Am                                      D     C D
'Cause when morning comes, God knows that you'll be mine


            G      B7
So let me in
             Em         D           C
I'm ready to beg and to sing for my sins
                Em        D           C
Not leave it to chance, a sweet coincidence
Well that's just crazy
                   D Dsus4  C D
And you know it's true


          G Dsus/F#     Em
Well they said you was long gone
Bm                  C
I just laughed and said
         G            C       D
"All right, bring her home tonight"
      G             Dsus/F#     Em
And I heard you was graciously put on
Bm                   C
I just laughed and said
           G        C      D      (D)   C D
"Good night, guess it's alright"

Verse 2: (same chords)

Baby doll
The men who hang like flowers in your hall
Are asking when your love is gonna show
And who knows why
The love you need will always pass you by?
Well I heard it's true
Your love is gonna grow

Pre-Chorus 2: (same chords)
So let me know
'Cause I can stay, or honey I can go
Just to wherever you tell me so
I'll find my place there
And there I'll stay

Chorus 2: (same chords)

Well they said you was burned out
I just laughed and said
"Come on, she's not burnt, she's just gone"
And it took me too long 'til I found out
Faces that you know the best, oh well I guess

Chorus 3: (same chords)

And they laughed when you said you was leaving
Everybody knows you well, except for me, can't you tell?
And you once from the wings of the late show
Roses by your feet all red, for me you said

Outro: (Play verse chords to fade)

Baby doll, baby doll, baby doll, etc.

That's pretty much it. There's a nice electric lead part that plays throughout the song,
does a little solo-ing at the end. As mentioned above, I haven't included it. But if
interested I can probably tab it out. Send me an e-mail at 
enjoy just strumming along. This is a sweet little tune.
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