Pat Green – Nightmare tab

Written by: Green

Chords:     G     =     320033     G/F#     =     200033
            Em7   =     022033     Csus9    =     X32033
            D     =     X00232
Intro : G   G/F#  Em7  2x

Verse I:
G     G/F#             Em7
Last night I had me a nightmare
G             G/F#             Em7
Dreamed that Texas was burning down...burning down
G            G/F            Em7
And all them people, I had grown up to love
Leaving town

         G        G/F#         Em7
I cried "oh Holy Moses, bring blood to the Red Red Sea
G           G/F#                     Em7
Bring back Townes Van Zandt, and my heroes back to me
Csus9          D                        G         G/F#     Em7
Because I can play their songs, but it ain't they way they do
It ain't they way they do."
          G 	       G/F#                Em7
I had a nightmare, a nightmare, it was a nightmare.

Verse II:
G     G/F#       Em7
Buddy Holly was riding on the wind
G      G/F#             Em7
Stevie Ray, well he was too
G          G/F# 	        Em7
When their star, come tumbling to the ground 
Wasn't a thing that all the king's horses
And all the king's men could do
G       G/F#            Em7
Me I've just got my ol' bar stool
G            G/F#       Em7 	 
And man it's burning me down...burning me down
G            G/F#            Em7
Just like a brush fire, that burns on through the night
One of these days I'm just going
These days I'm going to burn on out

Repeat Chorus

G     G/F#     Em7    Csus9   D   G
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