Paul Thorn – Where Was I tab ver. 2

Ok so this is my first tab and when i checked on here there wasn't a tab for this
song by Paul Thorn. It is probably not exactly right but it's close and it gets the job done.
you know the song you know it's about the lyrics anyway. So hope this helps you so you 
have to sit around and figure it for yourself.   -nick

       Em7            Cadd9       G
 On a black and white tv back in grammar school
       Em7          Cadd9             G
 I was watchin Neil Armstrong walkin on the moon
      Cadd9      Dm7                Em7
 That same day i pretended I was an Astronaut
                   Cadd9              Dm7        D
 On the playground monkey bars i flew above the stars


 Em7       Cadd9      G            G w/o Astring&move top E to the 2nd fret

 Where was I when you stopped lovin me
     Em7      Cadd9    G      play through with the chord above
 And when did I become history
         Em7      Cadd9                 G and again same chord above
 There's not many things that escape my memory
         Cadd9     G          same chord as above and end on em7
 Tell me where was I when you stopped lovin me

       Em7             Cadd9                   G
 Every twenty-thousand years that comet lights up the night
      Em7        Cadd9           G
 On a blanket we watched it sail across the sky
   Cadd9       Dm7       Em7
 A moment like this just comes once in life
               Cadd9                   Dm7       D
 Felt like our first time in at eleven thirty-five


        Now what i'd call the bridge
   Em7             Cadd9       G
 I remember when i met you the taste of our first kiss
   Em7           Cadd9       G                 Dm7
D back to chorus
 I remember your goodbye but could you tell me this


 and that is about it. You can make up your own ending by ending when the chorus stops
add where was i over and over like him. Hope i helped someone.
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