Paul Thorn – Its A Great Day chords

Paul Thorn - It's A Great Day (For Me to Whoop Somebody's Ass)

Here is a simple and fun song to to play... At least the way I play it is
very simple.  I've seen others play it anywhere from open to a capo on the
1st, 2nd or 3 frets, so just mess around with it.  


G C G Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days When Nothing Goes Right
(G) DYour Wife Starts Bitchin'bout Whatever It Was She Was Bitchin' About Last Night
G C GSo You Escape Into The Bathroom Just To Sit There On Your Thrown
(G) D GBut After You Finish Your Business The Toilet Paper's Gone
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHORUS:
(G) C GWell It's A Great Day For Me To Whup Somebody's Ass
(G) DIt's A Bad Day So You Better Get Off My Back
G C GYou Might Get Cold Cock... If You Cross My Path
(G) C G'Cuz It's A Great Day For Me To Whup Somebody's Ass
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 2:
(G) C GWell I Was Runnin' Late For Work So I Poured Me Some Coffee To Go
(G) DAnd Just Before I Had A Flat Tire I Spilled It All Over My Clothes
G C GWhen The Highway Patrol Man Pulled Up I Thought That Help Was On The Way
(G) D GBut When He Saw The Tire Tool In My Hand He Shot Me With Pepper Spray
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REPEAT CHORUS: 1X -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 3:
(G) C GWhen I Finally Made It To Work I Was 15 Minutes Late
(G) DI Told My Boss About The Flat Tire But He Fired Me Anyway
G C GSo Here I Am Out In The Parking Lot Just Waiting By His Corvette
(G) D GI'm Gonna Give Him A Goodbye Present That He Never Will Forget
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REPEAT CHORUS: 1X -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END ON: G
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