Paul Weller – Fly On The Wall tab

D]   [C/D]     [G/D]     [F]  [G]  
 [D]Where angels m[C/D]eet, [G/D]their words are wh[F]ispers[G]
D C/D G/D F Em D*As sea touches shore, the clouds move swiftly and me so smallAm7 
to it all
[Am7]  Like a fly on the[Em] wall[F] [G]
[D]As pieces sw[C/D]eep, [G/D]their meaning is s[F]till no cl[G]earer
D C/D G/D F Em D*And under my feet, there's nothing to stop my own free fallAm7 D*Down 
down I go
[Am7]  And compared to it a[Em]ll
[F]I'm a fly on the w[G]all[F] [G]
[D]Our children sl[C/D]eep, r[G/D]esting our ho[F]pes and wish[G]es
D C/D G/D F Em D*The night in between, I'm casting my scope, just fishing oohAm7 D*And 
of it allAm7 D*Oh I look at me so smallAm D*And compared to it all
[Am]  I'm a fly on the w[Em]all[F] [G]
D* Am7 D*
Compared to it allAm7 D*I'm a fly on a wallAm7 D*Oh compared to it allAm7 D*Like a fly 
the wallAm7 D*Compared to it allAm7 D*Oh I'm a fly on the wallAm7 D* Am7
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