Paul Weller – Peacock Suit chords

Intro Riff: e|----------------------| Gm7 B|----------------------| G|----------------------| D|-------5-3------------| A|--3/5------5-3--------| E|---------------6-1-3--|
Verse 1: Gm7I've got a grapefruit matter
It's as sour as a ship I have no solutions Better get used to it Chorus:
D7 C I don't need a ship to sail in stormy weather
D7 C I don't need you to ruffle the feathers
Gm7 on my Peacock Suit (my Peacock Suit)
Intro Riff
Verse 2: Gm7I'm Narcissus in a puddle
In shop windows I gloat Like a ball of fleece lining In my camel skin coat Chorus
Gm7Did you think I should?
Instrumental Bridge: D Dsus4 Gm7 Intro Riff
Verse 3: Gm7Nemesis in a muddle
In a mirror I look Like a streak of sheet lightnin' In my rattlesnake shoes Chorus
Gm7Did you think I should? My Peacock Suit Did you think I should?
FPeacock Suit-yeah! [repeat & fade]
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