Peacemakers - Beautiful Disaster tab

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Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 19:55:34 -0800
From: David Cushman 
Subject: p/peacemakers/

Beautiful Disaster
Tabbed by David Cushman
from Honky Tonk Union album

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E     Emaj7(022140)     A     Am

A   E   Emaj7   G#m
E   A   B
C#m     A B     E A     Am
E      B  A     E

E Emaj7 A Ame:--------------------(------)-------(------)-------------|B:--------------------(10-9--)-------(10-9--)-------------| notes in
parentheses areG:--------------------(-----9)-------(-----9)-------------| played what
sounds likeD:--------------------(------)--7-6--(------)---7-6/--2---| a second
guitar, one octaveA:--------------------(------)------7(------)-------------| higherE:-7-6--2---7-6/-2-0--(------)-------(------)-----------0-|
verse 2 Chorus Bridge: A B A E A B A Am E Previous Riff Solo E Emaj7 A Am Verse 3 Chorus E B A E Chords: E :022100 Emaj7 :022140 or 021100 A :X02220 Am :X02210 B :x24442 C#m :X46654 For complete lyrics, etc., visit
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