Peacemakers – Green & Dumb tab

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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:32:22 -0800
From: David Cushman 
Subject: p/peacemakers/green_and_dumb.crd

Green and Dumb
from Honky Tonk Union album
Tabbed by David Cushman

Capo 3rd

Intro:                                 Verses:
  G  C9  Em9  D  Dsus2  D                 G     :320033
  G  C9  Em9  D  Dsus2  D                 C9    :X32033
  G  C9  Em9  D  Dsus2  D                 Em9   :022033
  G  C9  Em9  D  Dsus2  D                 D     :XX0232
                                          Dsus2 :XX0230

Riff 1: over G C9 Em9 D Dsus2 De---3--------3--------3-----------2--3---B------3--------3--------3-----3---------G---------0--------0--------0------------D---------------------------------------- x2A----------------------------------------E----------------------------------------
Verse 1: G C9 Em9 D Dsus2 D Daisies stand up on their tiptoes etc. Riff 1 Verse 2 Riff 1 Chorus: Em Bm G Bm But baby, ... Em Bm G Bm If I weren't ... Am Bm C Bm And baby, ... C D If I ... Riff 1 (x2) Verse 3 Chorus
Solo: G C9 Em7 D-Dsus2 G C9 Em7 D-Dsus2 G C9 Em7 e:----------------------------------------------------------------3--------|B:-------------------------------------------------3-/5-/5-/5-/5----5------|G:--4/5/7---------------4/5/7----4h5-5-7-4-0--2-4-----------------------0--|D:-----------0-0-0---------------------------------------------------------|A:-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E:-----------------3-------------------------------------------------------|
D-Dsus2 G C9 Em7 De:-----3------3--3--3--3---------3-2-3|B:--/5---5-----3----------------------|G:----------------5--4--2-0-----------|D:------------------------------------|A:------------------------------------|E:------------------------------------|
G G G G Verse 4, ending with: G C9 Em9 D Dsus2 D Em Bm G C D Your paycheck ...... Chorus Riff 1 (x2)("If I weren't so green and dumb" repeated over riff) Outro Solo For complete lyrics, visit
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